Choosing WordPress to build a community

Choosing WordPress to build a community, part one

Dear friends, in the training we have prepared for you today, we will talk about plugins for creating WordPress forums , as well as how to create a forum with WordPress and whether it is possible at all. We have prepared this article for you in two parts. parts. You will read the first part below:

Dear friends, there are people who are familiar with WordPress but their familiarity is not complete and they have expectations from WordPress that they don’t know whether they will be met or not. For example, users ask what is this WordPress. site suitable for? Friends, WordPress is suitable for designing and editing any website and it can be used for us, but all these types of websites depend on different elements and necessary infrastructure for websites that we expect to be available so that I can use WordPress. want to create a website that we want, for example, create a website in the form of a forum.

What kind of websites can WordPress create?

But friends who are trying to create a forum using WordPress and design, edit or build such a website and don’t know whether WordPress can do the job or not, you should continue to stay tuned and get the feedback that we do. Get your feedback.

So stay with us to get your questions answered.


As you know forums are discussion forums that you may have come across many times, until now you can be a member of these forums, but if you don’t have good information about forums, it should be said that forums have the following features:

  • Separate accounts for each person independently
  • Commenting and posting comments is easier than on regular sites.
  • More professional logging in and out
  • Private messaging

WordPress Forum Design

Dear friends, as you know, after assessing the needs and after determining what we want and don’t want from the website we are going to design and what features we need, it’s time to design our website for which we need WordPress templates or choose WordPress plugins suitable for your work.

Dear friends, as we mentioned above, you should define your expectations from your website, and the first step you should pay attention that the website support section is a necessary and mandatory section for every website, but why to use it.

These forums can easily fulfill the needs of our users, but they should be made easy and simple.

To answer your users’ questions and concerns, you must first develop a form, which is the most common way to answer contact needs and concerns.

Also, if you find that on the forum, your users often use the website comments and the comments section and the interaction is done in this way, you should develop a private chat with the measures you take.

So, we can conclude that these parts may fit more than forms.

Dear friends, we will refrain from further clarifications on these areas as you can find out these statements yourself by just searching forums and discussion boards.

So friends, in WordPress, in order for users to have the necessary interactions, sections and options have been developed such as: comment section and also permission to create a separate account to insert content on the site and also as multiple sites and we can say that creating online chat section and forums in WordPress are sections that are manually added to the WordPress site.

Forum Creation

Dear friends, if you are now planning to run your forum on WordPress, you don’t need to do anything, you just need to install WordPress on your hosting and then consider a management system for your forum that will run separately from WordPress. Since you may have a question that WordPress itself is a management system, we have explained that.

But this management software is compatible with WordPress and can be easily managed with a username and password.

Plugins and software to create forums using WordPress

In future, we will introduce you the best plugins and software for this, but a few things need to be mentioned in this area.

The first step is to make sure that you download and install the WordPress plugin from the help site and then activate it.The second step is to create a forum section after activating the WordPress plugin.

WordPress plugins for creating forums

In this and the following sections of this article, we will introduce community building plugins that you can use:


This plugin is one of the most famous plugins for creating forums , which can be accessed in WordPress , and despite all the restrictions it has for the members of the site, it provides the possibility of accessing the management area of the site.

We want to place this forum on our pages, for this you need to place the shortcodes provided by the plugin in the right section.

Some of the features of this powerful plugin:

  1. Various widgets
  2. Professional and farcical settings
  3. Display of categories recently posted on the forum.
  4. Ability to edit and change the forum format.
  5. Complete management of different departments

Dear friends, stay tuned for the next parts of this article so that we can check out more plugins.

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