Rate of return bounce rate what

Rate of return bounce rate what

It must have happened to you many times while surfing the Internet to come across words and terms that are unfamiliar to you. Sometimes you look to see what the word or words mean and often you pass by without reacting. Ignoring the fact that you know how much that word and term can be used for you! Today we are going to explain and expand for you one of these terms which is very useful to engage your audience and increase the number of visits to your WordPress website.

What does the term “Bounce Rate” mean?

The bounce rate provides you with very important information about the user of your website.

Bounce rate means that people enter your WordPress site, but leave before visiting other pages on your site. Note that this action does not measure the user’s time on your site and is inefficient. In fact, this term means how attractive, popular and practical your site is to your audience and visitors. That is, if a user comes to your site and does not visit other pages on your site, they are not really attracted to your site and have not achieved what they wanted.

Bounce rate is a negative factor, which means that the higher this rate is for your WordPress website , the weaker your website is for users. Considering that the biggest capital of a website is its users, the bigger the audience and users of your site, the more capital you have. The end result is a website that has no audience and users, and its return statistics are low, and the lack of it is not much different!!!!

However, there are many websites that achieve their goals only when a user visits them and the reason for this is the rich content, principles of operation and proper management of that website.

For this series of websites, the bounce rate is a very good indicator to measure the success of that website.

Overall Bounce Rate Score

There are many different methods of calculating the statistics of visits and conversions and, by extension, the usefulness of a website.

A contact can enter your website in many different ways: through a link that Google provides to the user, and…

This method of entry is very effective for evaluating and analyzing your return rate or bounce rate.

Stay with Sanatem , to explore these ways to enter a website.

How should we change our WordPress hosting?

Most websites that have a story to tell about their work have a loyal audience and visitors, and that’s both a good thing and a worry!

The first path of entry, regular visitors

Why worry. When someone constantly visits your site, after a while the site becomes monotonous to them and loses its dignity, and it is possible that the user will not get what they want and will leave your site. As a result, your site should be run very professionally so that you don’t lose constant contacts.

The second method of entry, a permanent link to the site

When you combine a link to your website address with interesting and attractive words, the audience will enter your website out of curiosity, and if you have a website with content, they will also visit other pages on your website. But keep in mind that the first login is very important for new users, and if your website is not at a good level, the first login will be the last one, and vice versa, if your website is at a good level, it will make the user open other users to your website.

The third way of entry, search engines

The primary and most important way for users to enter is through search engines and the link they provide. This means that most of the visits to your website are as a result of searching the search engines to reach a query. As a result, you should pay a lot of attention to the SEO of your website, the techniques and principles of which we have already explained to you in Sanatom , and you can read about it by searching in Sanatom.Why are the search results on search engines like Google different from what is on your website?

One factor that affects the SEO of your website is the tag. You should pay attention to what stickies you use on your website. Since Google search is based on the tags you set for your content and if you are not using the right tag for your content, it will result in the user not reaching the desired result and that is bad for your website. all.

Bounce Rate Calculation Method

Well, now pay attention to the following formula which is the bounce rate calculation method.

Bounce rate = number of visits left after one page / total number of visits.
Explanation of the above formula:

Total number of visitors (divided by) number of visitors to a page and exits from it = exit percentage, bounce rate.
The desired statistics are obtained approximately and in percentages.
You can see the desired statistics from Google Analytics and Alexa.

If the value is lower, it means that more visitors were satisfied with your website and visited it.

Friends, please note that the return rate is a very convenient statistical method to calculate the level of users’ interest and satisfaction with your website, as well as your website visit statistics.

Some professional tips

Good friends, as we mentioned above. Pay more attention to those who come to your site through search engine links, because this is the most important and primary way to enter your site.

Don’t use wrong and irrelevant keywords.

Don’t try to browse search engines, sooner or later you will be recognized.

Don’t try to bypass web browsers. This is disrespectful to them and puts you and your site in doubt.

If you think about quality content, the right principles, the right management and all the right factors to enhance your website, you will always be successful in your endeavor.

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