How To Write a Movie Review: TOP-5 steps

How To Write a Movie Review

In these times of bloggers and social networks, all are reviews, comments and criticisms, and the most daring dare with a movie review, some with better results than others. And to make a good review of a film is not so easy, requires certain knowledge and a close relationship with the world of cinema. That is why we tell you how to make a movie review correctly.

Writing a movie review is more than just giving your opinion

How many times we will have met with reviews of films, even of the most good and acclaimed only to criticize them mercilessly, to doubt the professionalism of the cast or the rest of the team that work in the same… and that anger gives! Because some of these people may know what they are talking about or are close to the sector, but the truth is that the vast majority only wants to draw attention and stand out in the lowest way that exists and, in many cases, their criticisms have no basis.

It is not to criticize without further, something that we are given very well in this country, but to make an appraisal of a work and contextualize in the space and in the time, to know the motivations of the director, the personal circumstances of the protagonists or the effort and creativity D of the team of professionals who have worked on it.

To avoid falling into the same error as others, let’s explain in simple steps, how to write the review of a movie, how it has to be, and no offense to anyone, that is not necessary. If you are one of those passionate about the seventh art, you may one day be interested in writing your own film blog, so pay attention, that here we will teach you to do well.

Steps to write a movie review

  1. First of all, you have to contextualize the film, talk about the year in which it was held, as well as the nationality to which it represents and include it in a thematic category, for example; Action, romantic comedy, thriller, Western, etc.
  2. You will then offer all the information related to the production of the same. The director, screenwriters, directors of photography, cast of actors and other relevant professionals who have participated in the same.
  3. You must provide additional information, such as some curiosity to note, some anecdote during the filming, as well as the nominations or the prizes you have been able to receive.
  4. Make a brief synopsis, as objective as possible. Here you do not have to talk about what you like the film in question, but to summarize without going into ratings.
  5. Finally, you’ll give your personal opinion. This is the time to value, to say if you like and do not like and explain why, to base your ideas on it. At this point is where you will show your professionalism. It’s not about destroying anyone, so don’t be cruel.
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