The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Artist: Hans Zimmer
Review Type: Film Score
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Released: July 17, 2012

The Good:
A very unique and ominous depth. Intensity of choir chants and orchestra blended perfectly throughout the score.

The Bad:
Hardly any new themes, and there was a lot of “filler” music throughout the score.

Our Rating:
4 / 5 – Very Good

Review of the film The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight rises soundtrack has been one of the most anticipated soundtracks of the year. The composer, Hans Zimmer, offers a unique take on the next installment of the Batman series.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about this score was the choir chant used for the character “Bane”. Through use of the Internet, thousands of voices were used from all over the world from normal people like us who were given an opportunity to be a part of the chant for the film. I have to hand it to Zimmer for his creativity on that one! The sheer number of voices used in the chant gave Bane a sinister and chaotic depth which fit his character perfectly.

As usual, Zimmer created great action cues for his signature “epic” sound. Hans lives up to the name “Dark Knight Rises” by musically allowing the chaos to rise into heroism. However, he also brought some quiet and subtle themes featuring piano into the score, which was a great change of pace. Synthesizers were also a large factor in the movie to provide an unforgettably dark atmosphere throughout the score.

Although I really liked the score, I did have some minor complaints. There were hardly any new themes. There was a lot of music from the Dark Knight score that was just revamped. I would have liked to hear some new themes to keep it fresh and unique from the other Batman movies. Nonetheless, the themes are still great!

The only other issue I had with this score was that there was too much atmospheric and ambient tones riddled throughout the score. When a composer uses too much “filler” music, it can become monotonous for the listener.

Aside from those 2 minor complaints, the score put a lot of great things on the table. The score was able to capture chaos, action, heroism, sadness, and evil. I would highly recommend picking this one up!

My Favorite Tracks:

  • 3. Gotham’s Reckoning
  • 4. Mind If I Cut In
  • 7. The Fire Rises
  • 10. Fear Will Find You
  • 11. Why Do We Fall
  • 12. Imagine The Fire
  • 14. Rise
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